2007 年の年末、父が二度目の脳梗塞で倒れて 9 年が経つ。 奇跡的に命だけは助かったがモヤモヤ病という原因不明な病と下半身の後遺症に加え食べ る事と喋る事を奪われた。 東京で暮らしていた私は、これを機に地元へ戻り父と故郷北九州を撮影している。 64 年間この土地から離れて暮らした事のない父は、故郷をどのように思い、視つめ、 暮らしてきたかは定かではないが視線の先に確かに存在する光景を辿って父と故郷北九 州を私なりにしっかりと視つめ記録していきたい。

9 years have passed since my father suffered his second stroke at the end of 2007. He miraculously survived his stroke but suffered from after effects on his lower part of his body and also from Moyamoya disease which left him unable to speak and feed himself. I lived in Tokyo at that time, but I returned to my hometown and started taking photos of my father and Kitakyushu as professional photographer. I cannot know how my father saw and thought of his hometown and what kind of life he enjoyed there. For more than 64 years he never left his place of birth. In this photo collection, I would like to focus on my father and his hometown of Kitakyushu in order to record various landscapes that he must have seen from his sickbed.

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